Copper Landlines (POTs) will be discontinued by summer 2022. 现在?

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锅是什么? If you've never heard the term POTs before, let's tell you what it stands for. The term Plain Old Telephone Service is referred in short as “POTs”. This is the phone line technology that most of us are familiar with and have grown up knowing. Between the late 1800s and 1980s, [...]

What Are the Benefits of Edge Computing?

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No modern business can thrive without data. 为什么? Because data is the lifeblood of any business in today's online digital world. It provides valuable insight and helps support critical operations and business processes. While there's no refuting the importance of data in businesses today, organizations are flooded in an ocean of data. 从收集...]

为什么 You Should Have a Dedicated Internet Access Connection Combined with Security for Your 业务

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With almost 30% business being conducted online, today’s digital world is made up of eCommerce businesses, meetings and video conferences, high-quality streaming, and tons of terabytes of cloud storage. All this calls for only the best quality business internet connection. Unfortunately, not all internet connections function on an equal level. If you've ever used [...]

Are VoIP Phone Systems Vulnerable to Attacks? VoIP Security Explained.

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准备好网络电话? As a business on the cutting edge you’ve decided to opt for a cloud-based phone system for your new office. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is not just cost effective but also benefits from several advantages over a traditional phone system. But now that you’ve made your final choice, you’re left [...]

Sharp Rise in Ransomware Attacks. How Prepared Is your 业务?

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As more and more companies allow their employees to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of cyberattacks too are rising. Among the most common cyberattacks in 2020 were ransomware attacks, up 150% from the previous year. Even the amount of ransom being demanded has jumped by more than 300% in [...]

COVID’s Biggest 业务 Lesson – Our Clients Wanted More – Welcome IT & Cybersecurity to our Portfolio of 服务

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你自找的. 我们交付. If the COVID-19 pandemic had a silver-lining it’s that it slowed life down a bit to better appreciate and think of what we do for a living and how passionate we are about it. For us at 买球哪个软件, we realized how much our clients depended on us for [...]

Is Miami Becoming the New Silicon Valley?

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Miami — A Tech Hot Spot in the MakingSeveral surveys have revealed that almost 80% of professionals working in Miami either rate their work-life as “excellent” or “good”.Many Miami employers have been offering flexible work schedules to their employees along with the comfort to work from home. This has altered the job scene in the [...]

Reinventing The Office .: Are Co-Work Spaces The New Normal?

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Reinventing The Office .: Are Co-Work Spaces The New Normal? As the world slowly starts coming to terms with the “new normal” in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, experts and pundits from every industry are making predictions about how the world is going to change in the future. One of the industries most affected [...]

Unified Communications Is Essential To Navigating A Post-Covid World

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Unified Communications Is Essential To Navigating A Post-Covid World Even before the arrival of COVID-19, there were already 7 million people working remotely in the US as of 2020. In the rest of the world, too, remote working has been growing in popularity. A survey by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs conducted last year found that 66% of [...]